Legal Aid

Legal Aid

Legal Aid work for poor people, who have been deceived by this present lawful framework.

“If you do judge, judge between them justly. Allah loves the just.” (Surat al-Maida, 42)

Legal Aid – Protecting Civil Liberties, Ensuring Equal Access To Justice

People in Pakistan are so occupied with the worries of food, clothing, and shelter that they do not think about other basic rights they have, including justice. Sarim Burney Welfare Trust International has been working for the procurement of social justice, for which the organization has established a legal aid committee comprising of professional local and foreign lawyers. We provide high-quality legal assistance to the most vulnerable members of our country, whose human rights as well as basic needs are endangered and for whom substantial hindrances to justice exist.
With an objective to fight against injustice and crime, Sarim Burney Welfare Trust International provides legal services for:

  • Child Abuse
  • Harassment
  • Sexual Assault
  • Human Trafficking
  • Domestic Violence
  • Violation of Human Rights
  • Workers compensation right
  • Other serious crimes


Legal Aid For Immigrants

Sarim Burney Welfare Trust International also focuses on the Pakistanis who have survived from crime, no matter in which part of the world they are. We assist these people throughout the process of the legal system, including completing filings, signing petitions, making appeals and ensuring they get no hurdle in accessing justice. Sarim Burney Welfare Trust International also recognizes that people belonging to other countries living in Pakistan should also have additional legal needs, thus we provide them required guidance and help while supporting the stability of not just their well being and their complete family’s as well. We have helped Mr Caron Rawnslay, a British National, by requesting to waive his fine, paying his discounted fine and arranging his travel back to his country. The organization also helped two girls from Rwanda who were facing adverse circumstances from their relative at Pakistan and falsely charged with crimes. Sarim Burney Welfare Trust International not just looked after them while their stay in Pakistan, but also made travel arrangements for them

Legal Aid For Women

Sarim Burney Welfare Trust International also help women who do not get easy access to justice and have been deprived of their human rights in any way. We have seen women who have fallen afoul of the unjust system, abused in all possible ways, faced domestic violence, mutilation, acid attacks, forced marriages, or being victimized for other heinous crime. We have helped these women get custody of their children, obtain a protective order, and so on.
Sarim Burney Welfare Trust International believes that Pakistan has many excellent laws, rules, and policies people are unfamiliar with. We want to not just make them acquainted with their well-deserved rights, but also want to use the law for their best. Sarim Burney has also raised his voice against false acquisitions and imprisonment. Around ten women are reported kidnapped almost daily in Karachi, and many go unreported. We want to end the unjust activities by providing people legal aid.
Whether your son is being exploited overseas by his employer or you have faced domestic violence in Pakistan, we take heed to your problems and find the perfect solution in the light of the Pakistani Law. We also help families get compensation if their loved one dies (God forbid) in a foreign country due to an accident at work or on the road. For this approach, we approach the authorities of that country, write letters to the human rights bodies, work with other activists and so everything in our means to get the deceased family the compensation. We believe that money cannot compensate for the loss, yet it can make hardships bearable for the families who cannot afford to fulfill their daily needs.

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