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Founder Sarim Burney Trust

Sarim Burney is the Pioneer to introduce Awareness about human rights in Pakistan.

Founder Sarim Burney Trust

Founder’s Message

I dream for an era when we won’t need any shelter homes or NGO’s, because these things are a resultant of injustice, insensitivity, and immorality; an era when people won’t leave their parents especially when they need them the most; an era when women will be safe in their homes as well as on street; an era when people won’t exploit others for other’s benefits— only then we’ll become a welfare state and only then our shelter houses will be vacant. Until that day, I am going to give my full potential to help those in need of support, be it financial, moral, or legal. I firmly believe that my work is a God-given inspiration and I have no words to express how grateful I am to Allah Almighty for choosing me to serve human race. I welcome you to share my vision and join hands with Sarim Burney Welfare Trust International as a partner, sponsor, or volunteer. Together, we can work together and make a greater difference than if we work alone…

Founder’s Profile

Born to an influential and affluent family, Sarim Burney has always had a golden heart that he inherited from his mother. Sarim Burney was never fond of the worldly glory, but found peace in serving the downtrodden people. From solving grave issues of human trafficking and child marriages to spreading happiness in the shelter home, Sarim Burney has done it all.

Mr Burney started out at a very young age as a part of different organizations serving the humanity, which further beefed up his passion for the welfare of oppressed and underprivileged beings. He soon started his own projects and later on laid the foundation of Sarim Burney Welfare Trust International in 2012.

Every successful society stands on the pillars of equality, liberty, and fraternity, and Sarim Burney has made his contribution to strengthen each pillar. He has provided shelter to the homeless, food to the starving, support to the oppressed and hopes to the downcast. His contributions made him earned numerous awards, including National Human Rights Award By the then President of Pakistan, Mamnoon Hussain and Pride of Pakistan at 12th Corporate ambassador Awards 2017.

Mr Burney tied the knot with Aliya Burney in 1995 and became the father of four—three sons and a daughter. Ms Aliya has always been by the side of Sarim Burney in his efforts to provide justice to the destitute. She is the Vice Chairperson of Sarim Burney Trust International. In 2016, she was also awarded with the title ”Inspiration Women of Pakistan” by NHF, held at Arts Council Karachi.

“We have been providing shelter to everyone, including the acid victims to harassment sufferers, a newborn to a 100-year-old abandoned by blood relations. The doors of Sarim Burney Welfare Trust International are open for everyone.” – Sarim Burney

Apart from local injustices and rehabilitation issues, Sarim Burney has been on the forefront to resolve the international issues violating the human rights in any way, from unfair imprisonment to labor exploitation. He has been working around the clock to help people in countless ways.