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Sarim Burney is the Pioneer to introduce Awareness about human rights in Pakistan. Sarim Burney Welfare Trust International is a non-profitable trust working for the cause of oppressed people. This trust works without any discrimination of caste, religion & creed. Trust aims are to bring the whole community & people from all walks of life under an umbrella for their betterment and uplifting. This trust fights against all forms of injustices, cruelty, inhumanity,and Child &Women Abuse. Trust works to raise Awareness & has been in front for the achievement of civil liberty & social justice for all segments of Society. A group of lawyers under the leadership of Sarim Burney has been constituted, sensing the needs & difficulties of the poor & needy peoples,as to provide them both moral boost & legal Remedies, to render their expertise to the beneficiaries.

Chairman Message:

sarimimgSarim Burney Welfare Trust has achieved tremendous success in different areas, Particularly Camel jockey, women trafficking, disaster reliever, legal Assistance, provide shelter to coral women and children etc , without getting a single penny from any donor agencies. Rather our member supported our initiatives with the help of the local communities, we are serving.

Keeping in view our performance during the last couple of Months,we hope that the International Donor Agencies will encourage and support our organization in its efforts to protect human rights and promote solutions for a better, more liberal and free society in Pakistan.
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Donate to Sarim Burney Trust and support our work to protect human rights. Your contributions will make a real difference and help us demand justice and end impunity wherever human rights violations occur. Whatever amount you decide to donate, we assured that your money will be put to good use.