Shelter Homes

Shelter Homes

Sarim Burney Welfare Trust International has been providing a home – as a shelter to the homeless.

“and do good to parents, kinsfolk, orphans, Al-Masakin (the poor), the neighbour who is near to kin…” An-Nisaa 4:36


Sarim Burney Welfare Trust International has been providing a home – as a shelter to the homeless. We all have our share of ups and downs, and this is when we get to know to stays in our trying times and who exits. We have seen parents leaving their newborns in the trash or in the cradle of a charitable organization and we have also seen people dragging their feeble, elderly parents (who left no stone unturned to give their kids a better life) to the gates of our shelter home.

Providing Shelter To The Elderly 

Contrary to the belief of many people, not everyone in our shelter home is alone; people have parents, kids, husband/wife, or siblings, some people are well-educated people, they have worked many years, once had their own homes, and raised families but due to unfortunate scenarios and cold-hearted relatives, they end up in our shelter home.

Bringing Stability To Children’s Life 

We have children too, including the orphans, victims of child abuse, trafficked, and the abandoned ones. We own the people who are left by their loved ones for being worthless; they are our greatest asset. From habitat to health care, we take care of all their needs.

Helping Deprived Girls And Women 

We have girls and women who are attacked by the hands of their savior, disowned by their facilities, assaulted, suffered domestic violence and faced acid attacks, gone divorced or survived Karo-Kari. We arrange proper schooling for the shelter home kids, help women to develop skills that can help them be independent, and provide love and attention to the elderly they have always craved for.

Finding The Right Better Half For Abandoned Women

Nobody deserves to be alone. We try to mingle up the young women at the shelter home with the righteous and caring people. At our shelter home, we follow a proper process and approach to find the right partner for the women at the shelter home so that they can lead a better life. We crosscheck every single detail we can before arranging the marriage to make an informed decision. Many of the women who got married through our shelter home are not having a peaceful life; they have turned out to be good wives and mothers and we are so proud of them.

Providing Complete Healthcare To Everyone

Newborn babies can easily catch flu and viral diseases, whereas aged people have many degenerative diseases to treat including arthritis, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, cardiac problem, strokes and what not. They are in dire need of consistent medical check-up and medication to prevent any further diseases. Sarim Burney Welfare Trust International provides its shelter family with the best medical facilities, doctors and nurses to handle any medical urgency.

The shelter home is more of a home than a shelter to us and to people living in it. Everyone lives like a family who cares for each other, laughs together, shoulder worries, and make the hardships bearable.