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Legal Aid committee
As to revolutionized the legal system, and to work for needy and poor persons, who have been victimized by this present legal system. Sarim Burney Welfare Trust International has formed a dedicated legal aid committee, whose main objective is to defend the sufferers and to safeguard the interest of victimized persons.

Provide legal support to the survivors of Trafficking
This trust provides free legal assistance to the survivors of cross border, inter country trafficking & takes the cases of camel jockeys, false adoptions and trafficking of women and children for the purpose of prostitution and labor.

Defending Women & children’s rights in the Middle East
Sarim Burney Welfare Trust International has fought against human trafficking in the Middle East, especially against forced camel jockeys who are mostly minors & were used just for sake of entertainment.

Database on Trafficking
Sarim Burney Welfare Trust International has developed comprehensive database on the profiles and cases studies of trafficking victims as well as perpetrators. Database team monitors 26 newspapers daily from all over the country in this regard. The team also analyzes the reported cases and share reports with print media to inform the general public and policy makers on the magnitude of the problem.

Centre for exploited children & women
Sarim Burney Welfare Trust International established a centre for the protection of exploited children, in this connection many victimized children & women have been provided shelter & their needs were taken care of by this trust.

Legal assistance
Sarim Burney Welfare Trust since its establishment have worked for the betterment & for the procurement of social justice & in this connection have raised its voice on each & every forum for the prisoners confined in various jails of Pakistan. Being a trust it is an obligation to work as to provide all the legal assistance in reaching out the required justice.

The trust by fulfilling its obligations has provided & is providing legal assistance to those prisoners who cannot even afford a single penny, further more to those who are falsely implicated in cases & have been confined in jails.

Providing treatment & Financial assistance to disable persons
Sarim Burney Welfare Trust International, persuade special people to live a normal life by providing financial support. So that their disability cannot become a hurdle in their social and ethical way of life. Currently the trust has provided special cycles for disable people and also provided mobile Public Call Office. Now they are living a peaceful and happy life and trying to keep their selves in routine life.

The trust set up to promote the cause of equality and participation of disable peoples in Pakistan & to strengthen the voice of disabled people in the country & also to ensure justice and rights to them.

Sarim Burney Welfare Trust International has a firm belief that the position of disabled people in society is a major concern & due to their disability they are always ignored & deprived of their legal rights as such the attitude of the society about the disable must & should be changed & ensuring their full participation in every sphere of life.

Disability is not inevitable; equality is possible and can be achieved through removing the barriers to our social inclusion.

The trust as to make general awareness regarding the rights & anxiety of the disables, time to time has published press release stating wherein the basic requirements & civic ethics which are required to be followed by the public at large, so that the rights of the disables may not be ignored, enabling them to feel like a normal person.

Disasters Relief

Providing relief & assistance during natural disasters
Sarim Burney Welfare Trust has continuously provided aid in those areas in Pakistan experiencing drought and famine. The trust’s Volunteers took medical supply to those effected areas during the aftermath of Tsunami disaster.

Ambulance Services
Sarim Burney Welfare Trust is currently in short of Ambulances & therefore facing hardship to provide timely & prompt services in urban & rural areas of Pakistan. Hence this trust is in need of ambulances & it can only be possible to achieve when the well wishers donates.

Donate Online
Donate to Sarim Burney Trust and support our work to protect human rights. Your contributions will make a real difference and help us demand justice and end impunity wherever human rights violations occur. Whatever amount you decide to donate, we assured that your money will be put to good use.