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Providing Medicines, Bearing Medical Expenses

The one who visits the sick is in a Makhrafah (an orchard) of Paradise until he returns. (Sahih Muslim Vol #6, Hadith #6551-6555) 

Health and wellbeing go hand in hand. Without proper healthcare, no other support— be it financial or emotional—does well. We, at Sarim Burney Welfare Trust International, help the underprivileged people afford critical medical treatments.

At Sarim Burney Welfare Trust International, we believe that no one should live without essential healthcare. It is one of our missions to minimize the financial barriers to care for the poor and downtrodden patients suffering from chronic or life-altering diseases.

We work day and night to improve the health of vulnerable and poor people. With your generous support, we have been improving the quality of life for the sufferers – sometimes, a simple donation or help owns the potential to provide benefits for several years to come.

People at SBWTI are devoted to providing people with medical aid, financial support for treatment and moral support to the destitute across the nation. Every day, we have been making efforts to transform the lives of extremely vulnerable people all around Pakistan. From newborn babies who need extensive care to the senior citizens longing for regular treatment, therapies and medical care, we have been serving all without any discrimination on color, caste, and creed.

Financial Support For Medical Bills and Expenses

Patients who are going through financial hardships and challenges of any sort are welcome at Sarim Burney Welfare Trust International for assistance. For years, we have been helping individuals as well as families with their bills and expenses related to their medical treatment and check-ups.

At SBWTI, we assist those less fortunate people with the required medical and financial help by providing them with monthly aid so that they can fulfill their needs. We believe that such acts of kindness will bring change in the lives of those suffering from any disease and will bring long-lasting rewards. We request you to help us provide a better future for these people in need.

Helping The Disabled Get Medical Treatments

Our country has a very high rate of patients who are disabled and require proper health care to combat other diseases accompanied by disabilities. However, the disabled or differently abled people in Pakistan are (unfortunately) so not get even the moral support they deserve; let alone the financial one. It upsets us that the people with disabilities in Pakistan usually have to struggle a lot for integrating effectively into their society and local communities.

Though being Muslims and living in the ISLAMIC republic of Pakistan, we are well versed with the teachings of Qur’an and Hadith, which state that everyone is equal in the eyes of Almighty Allah. Therefore, the disabled persons should have an equal amount of opportunities, facilities and respect as the able-bodied persons enjoy. We are the Ummah of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) who helped the disabled followers attend prayers; our deeds and mindsets should comply with our Prophet’s Sunnah.

We have been successfully helping people, but we alone cannot help everyone and for this, we need the support of philanthropists and God-fearing people. Anyone who wants to change lives and make generous contributions to remove the sufferings of our less fortunate brethren is appreciated and encouraged.

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