May 26, 2018

Two years old Rafiya seeking justice

It seems that we are living in a cruel world, the world over is brutality, cruelty, injustice and corruption.

We are living in a necropolis society, people are intersecting their relations. Everyone is victim here, faced injustice and social brutality.

But right now, the victim is 2 years old girl. Her story shocked us badly.

Rafiya was kidnapped on 05th of September 2014 while playing outside home. Her father Muhammad Rashad Muslim filed an F.I.R against the kidnapper but the police did not show any positive response to recover the child, as the accused belong to a powerful family.

They beg and cry at the door of high officials to recover their angel, the star and hope of their lives but in vain.

The kidnappers threaten the parents, if they did not withdrawal from the case they will be killed shortly. But child is more important to parents than their own lives. So, when maternal affection compel Rafia’s mother. She contacted sarim burney trust international for legal help.  Sarim Burney CEO Sarim Burney Trust International give instructions to legal aid team to file a petition in Sindh high court, later on the divisional bench headed by Justice Muhammad Ali Mazhar issued notice to Inspector General Sindh Police and other related parties and to recover the child as soon as possible and to submit their report on 31/10/2014.