May 26, 2018

Not only women, but end violence against all

In this man dominant society, we have seen so many cases about women violation and domestic violence against women. Today the story is completely opposite and shocking for us, here is a man victim of domestic violence by a woman.

Zeshan ali (Alias) married with Kiran(Alias) in 2005. They were living in a house at Korangi town Karachi, property of Zeshan‘s father. After the death of Zeshan father the property inherited to Zeshan and Kiran insist him several times to transfer the property on her name.

A twist came in his life when kiran started friendship with Rukhsana(Alias) because she was regularly coming to Zeshan house. After some time, few friends of Ruskhsana started going to Zeshan house and Muneeb (Alias) become friend of Kiran. Zeshan complaint several times on the gathering of Kiran and Muneeb but she always neglects.

One day Zeshan came back from office; he suddenly shocked to see his wife is drinking alcohol with her friends Rukhsana and Muneb. When Zeshan want to terminate their party but they physically torture Zeshan and kick him out from his own house.

Later on, Kiran retain possession of her husband house and demand for divorce. Zeshan was not allowed to live in his own house.

Zeshan tried many times to convince Kiran for the interest of their children and future but Kiran denies while kept possession of his house.

On the advice of his relatives, Zeshan agreed to divorce but his wife was not ready to leave his house neither allowing her husband to live in his house. Kiran was threatening Zeshan. “if you did not transfer the property on my name, i will kill you and your children”.

Zeshan was not capable to go to police station as the image of police in the mind of common man is not really good. Even some peoples avoid taking that road on which a police station situated.

Someone gave Zeshan the address of Sarim Burney TrustInternational for legal support and guidance. He contacted Sarim Burney Trust International and discuss his matter with legal aid team of Sarim Burney Trust International.

Legal aid committee member Mr. Nadeem Ali Khan Advocate send divorce from Zeshan side, as he was so frightening to divorce her on face. Mr. Nadeem Advocate also send notice to vacant the house, while the legal action will be start in court soon.