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7 Years Old Khushi Heart Patient


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Open heart surgery for 7 years old Khushi

Rozeena belongs to lower middle class where women also work with her husband so the family can survive. Khushi is 7 years old and having heart problem, doctors suggest her two operations of an open heart surgery,

According to Tabba Heart Institute Karachi,

The patient should be operate now as she was on medication since last 5 years.

Khushi and her mother Rozeena at Sarim Burney Trust Head office

Khushi’s father is a driver in floor mill and getting little amount on monthly basis. I am getting Rs.12000 a month which is not enough even for my children Education, I have four children and all are going to school. Sarim Burney Trust Is supporting Khushi and Hundreds of other families in their medication and hospital expense, Help us Help them.

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