May 26, 2018

Eve’s daughter still waits for justice

It was midnight, far and near was silence. Rabia woke up again and looks at the time. She was waiting for her husband, but he was late as usual. She had five children from her husband Hammad.

It was not the first time but had become daily routine of her husband. He was continuously avoiding his wife and made her life miserable. He had been married to woman of his tribe without asking Rabia.

Women bear many cruelties of their husbands in our society and try to compromise; same was the case with Rabia. When brutality of Hammad reached to its peak, Rabia decided to leave him. She took court based Khulla from Hammad.

Her life was not safe yet and she started living in shelter with her 4 children for some time. Later on, she married a person named Feroz. She lived with him with her four children of ex-husband in somewhere of gulistan-e-johar. This time she blessed with another son. Rabia life was in danger and she always tried to hide herself and her children from her ex-husband.

One night In September 2014 at 9 pm Rabia receive a call from her son, lived with her ex-husband to meet him at mazar-e-qaied.

It was a great risk for her to meet her son but being a mother, she was uneasy to ignore his request of meeting. She wants to meet him at any cost and at any place. So, she went there and never returned back to home.

No doubt Hammad was very cunning and this time he played a double game. At mid night Hammad came to Feroz and threaten him badly, he told him to hand over him his 3 children for the sake of Rabia and his infant boy.
Feroz agreed with Hammad and return his children but in return Hammad khan did not fulfill his words, to return back Rabia and his son. Feroz demand for Rabia and his son but he was harassed and threatens so badly that he did not dare to take even a step ahead.

One morning Feroz received a call from Rabia’s daughter noor who was beaten by her aunt and were crying on phone. She told to Feroz that Rabia has run away.

Few days before Sarim Burney Trust International received an email from Rabia’s sister who lives in London. She told the story of Rabia and request for her safe recovery. According to her Rabia is in the custody of her ex-husband namely Hammad khan and they are threatening Feroz and his family for taking legal actions against him. Police has taken no rule in the whole story while Feroz visited police station many times but in vain.

Sarim Burney Trust International took an immediate action on this email and filed a petition in court for further legal action.