May 26, 2018

Bring Back Pakistani Women

On the petition of Sarim Burney Trust International, Sindh High Court asked deputy advocate general of Sindh to transfer nine Pakistani women prisoners from Dubai jail.

The Divisional bench of Sindh High Court gives direction to Deputy Advocate General of Sindh and other related parties that they should answer the petition of Sarim Burney Trust International on 01 October 2014.

Note that, Sarim Burney Trust International received an application for the transfer of Pakistani Women from UAE to Pakistan according to the prisoners’ transfer agreement. Women also cited in her application about the agreement of prisoner transfer between Pakistan and UAE by ex-Federal Home Minister and Senator Rehman Malik and Minister of Dubai Saif Zahid Bin Nehyaan on 26 February 2012.

Sarim Burney Trust International contact with President of Pakistan and ministry of foreign affairs, Chairman SBTI Mr. Sarim Burney instruct the legal aid team to file a petition. The divisional bench of Sindh High Court order Deputy advocates General Sindh and other respective parties to submit their reply up to 23 august 2014, but they failed to reply on due date.

Divisional bench headed by Justice Sajjad Ali shah further order Deputy Advocate General Sindh and other related parties to respond on 01 October 2014.

Sarim burney Trust have presented its services and later on in every social brutality, trust will help the peoples to meet justice, our keen interest is to bring these women back to Pakistan and convey happiness in their families, said by Sarim burney.